• MAY 01

    Beautifull Food

    Case Study: Serving up a Delicious Retail Experience


    Beautifull, Inc. is a revolutionary new food company providing tasty, healthy and convenient prepared food that is fresh, natural and whole. Beautifull assembled a team of extraordinary chefs and nutritionists to create a menu of items that is both flavorful and healthy. Beautifull’s mission is to make the best prepared food in the world that is tasty, healthy and convenient, and free of preservative, added sugars, colorings, steroids and hormones. Creating a brand and retail experience that was a wonderful as the food was the challenge.

  • FEB. 02

    Skyler Technology

    Case Study: Establishing a New Financial Services Brand

    Skyler Technology

    Skyler Technology, Inc. delivers the fastest insights for Trading. The Skyler C3 solutions provide the fastest market data analytics to broker dealers, asset managers and hedge funds, allowing clients’ trading engines to quickly process and react to the most up-to-date market data, thus triggering smarter trading decisions. The challenge was to understand why 80% of the market built their own technology in-house and how could a 3rd party provider enter the market to solve Wall Streets data processing needs?